2 Public Lectures & Masterclasses at The Art College of Xiamen University, China, Jul 18

2 Public Lectures and Masterclasses by James Johnson-Perkins

Gigatages and Other Works
10/7/18 19.30-21.00

Intermades, Da Da and Fluxus
12/7/18 19.30-21.00

Master Classes 9th-13th July 2018

Art College of Xiamen University
Tel. +86-592-2182404
No. 422, Siming South Road, Xiamen, Fujian, China. 361005

HULA INTERMADE, The University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China, May 18


In the New Teaching Building Atrium, you are invited to contribute towards the building of HULA. This is an INTERMADE interactive artwork created by James Johnson-Perkins.

An INTERMADE is an artwork that uses existing games and objects, which are brought to life through artscores. These involve an interaction or activity guided by the score itself and are usually made or acted out by someone other than the artist himself.

With Johnson-Perkins’ INTERMADES participants are given a set of instructions, to which they have to follow. In this work HULA, makers are asks to fill a room (The New Teaching Building Atrium) with up to 200 Hula Hoops. You will have to tie them together and arrange them creatively and try to fill as much space possible. This playful collaborative activity: allows us to create architectural structures, to consider and change a public space and explore spatial imagination, using these colourful and fun toys.

The China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, Apr 18

Artist talk
Gigatages and Other Works

时间: 2018年4月27号 晚上6点
地点: 中国美术学院 南山校区 4号楼 309室
主办方: 中国美术学院 跨媒体艺术学院
策划人: 娜娜
翻译: Vincent Jiang

Time: 6pm, 27th April, 2018
Venue: CAA, Nanshan campus, Building 4-309
Organizer: Chinese Academy of Arts, Inter-media art department 
Curator: Zhanna Khromykh 
Translator: Vincent Jiang

Gigatages and other works…

James Johnson-Perkinshas recently been working on a series of ultra-large scale photographic GIGATAGE works, using Gigapan technology. Here he creates photographic landscapes of different modern and historical figures in renowned sites and civic squares. In this talk James will talk about his research into this new panoramic photographic technique, which uses a robot attached to a camera. He will also talk about his other works and his recent exhibition at the Lianzhu Culture and Art Centre, Hangzhou which was curated by Zhanna Khromykh.

James Johnson-Perkins, Biography

James Johnson-Perkins is a British artist whom currently lives and works in Ningbo,China and London, UK. His art practice draws from themes such as: memory,nostalgia and play. In his work he uses: childhood materials, nostalgicobjects, costume, new media, drawing and performance to camera. He has alsorecently been working on a series of ultra-large scale photographic GIGATAGE works, using Gigapan technology.

James Johnson-Perkins, 讲座介绍


James Johnson-Perkins最近用全景摄影技术创作了一系列的巨幅全景蒙太奇作品,他在许多的著名地点或广场上放置许多不同的现代或历史人物来进行创作,在这次讲座中,James将会讲解他对于这种新的全景摄影技术的研究,他还会谈谈他的一些其他作品以及他最近在良渚文化艺术中心的个人展览,本次展览由Zhanna Khromykh策划。

James Johnson-Perkins,

James Johnson-Perkins是一个英国艺术家,目前在中国宁波工作与生活,James的艺术创作的主题来自于诸如:回忆、怀旧以及玩耍,他的作品会使用孩童素材、怀旧的物件、表演服、新媒体、绘画以及摄影,他最近还使用了Giganpan技术创作了一系列的巨幅全景蒙太奇作品。

Indefinate Memories, Liangzhu Culture and Art Center, Hangzhou, China, Jul 17

James Johnson-Perkins Solo Exhibition
8th July - 22nd July 2017
Liangzhu Culture and Art Center, Hangzhou 

PV 开幕式 14.00 2017/07/08
Curated by 策展人: Zhanna Khromykh

Organised by Liangzhu Culture and Art Center
&  Watermelon Punch
主办: 良渚文化艺术中心

This solo exhibition of James Johnson-Perkins not only allows us get in touch with the artist's world of creation but gives an opportunity to every visitor become an accomplice in a giant game. Johnson-Perkins works with those objects which are known by almost everyone from the childhood: here we can see hula hoops, paper planes, a blackboard and characters from cartoons and comics. He makes us remember, nostalgize, compare and rethink our past.

For example, whilst drawing on the blackboard, which James uses as a material for one of his his new installations, it’s difficult to avoid your memories from the past and that joy you felt when drawing as a child. Or when we stare at the numerous figures on his huge Gigatage photomontage artworks, unconsciously we notice which ones are familiar to us and which are not, and what stories these have played in our own unique worlds.

This is as a litmus test which shows difference or similarities between ours and artist's cultural background. At the same time eternal questions may arise: where do these people come from? Where do we are come from? Where are we now and where we will go tomorrow? This exhibition is a interactive puzzle of sorts and a series of activities, where we can find out about: memory, ourselves and the times we live in.

Zhanna Khromykh

The City Gallery, Peterborough, UK, Jul - Sep 17

The Resurrection of Cosmic Man
1st July – 3rd September 2017

Peterborough City Gallery
Priestgate, Peterborough, PE1 1LF

Playful and quirky, James Johnson Perkins’ interactive work captures the excitement of childhood. With retro games such as Etch-a-sketch and Twister, the exhibition invites the audience to play, breaking down the usual conforms of the gallery space. The exhibition also features James’ highly detailed gigapans; colossal in size these works adopt familiar images of characters taken from film and media, placed frantically on backgrounds of grand cityscapes.

Russian artist Dina Johnson-Perkins' Cosmicman photographs show a classic 80's Soviet spaceman toy shown in different places around the world, also exploring similar themes surrounding nostalgia and fun. In this exhibition a little cosmonauts friend is resurrected in various poignant locations in: Nepal, Cambodia, China, UK and Russia.

General Information: 01733 864663
Email: arts@vivacity-peterborough.com

Article, Moment Magazine, The Resurrection of Cosmicman, The City Gallery, Jun 2017

Art is often serious, sometimes lofty, but a new exhibition at Vivacity’s City Gallery by artists James and Dina Johnson Perkins sets out with a quite different aim – to be fun. Playful and quirky, James Johnson Perkins’ interactive work captures the excitement of childhood. With retro games such as Etch-a-sketch and Twister, the exhibition invites the audience to play, breaking down the usual conforms of the gallery space.

The exhibition also features James’ highly detailed gigatages. Colossal in size, these works take familiar images of characters from film and media and place them on backgrounds of grand cityscapes. Russian artist Dina Johnson-Perkins’ Cosmicman photographs explore similar themes of nostalgia and fun, showing a classic 80’s Soviet spaceman toy in different places around the world, including Nepal, Cambodia, China, UK and Russia. The Moment talked to both artists about their work and inspiration.

Why toys? And why retro toys?   
JJP: My work is all about nostalgia, so the toys and games I use in my artworks are the ones which I was drawn to when I was young. With previous exhibitions I have used Lego and Actionmen for example. In the forthcoming exhibition in Peterborough we are using Twister, Etch-a-sketches and Hula Hoops. These also relate to notions of play and fun.

How important is ‘play’?
 JJP: Charles Eames the famous designer said: ‘Take your pleasure seriously’. I like this sentiment very much, and agree that pleasure or play, is not only fun but is an important and serious aspect of life. I like people to engage with artwork in different ways, using their bodies as well as their eyes. This is why I create installations as well as photomontage works.

Who is Cosmicman? Can he save us from disaster?
DJP: As Dostoevsky once said ‘Beauty will save the world’. I think this ‘beauty’ is everywhere. It’s around us and inside us, despite the differences in religions, race, beliefs and lifestyle. No person on earth, can take this away from us. Cosmicman believes in the power of ‘beauty’ and kindness and is a genuine idealist from a different Soviet time where people aspired for unity and equality. He thinks that all we need to be happy is to share this ‘beauty’ of the world with each other. So I think yes, he can help save us from disaster!

How did the gigatages come about?
 JJP: I started taking pictures using a camera, which takes enormous panoramic photographs, on an artist residency in Venice and decided to overlay them digitally with childhood images. This became the work ‘The Great Battle’; I haven’t stopped working in the same way ever since, because I love this process. Each of these works takes about two years to complete.

What reactions would you most like to have from those visiting the exhibition?
JJP & DJP: To go WOW and enjoy exploring other worlds, ideas and play within our artworks.

Which artists do you most admire? Is it just artists who inspire you, or does inspiration come from many sources?
 JJP: I’m inspired by Dina.
DJP: I’m inspired by James.

The Resurrection of Cosmicman by James and Dina Johnson Perkins 1 July-13 August 2017 Vivacity City Gallery, Priestgate, Peterborough PE1 1LF ● For more information, call 01733 864663 or visit: www.vivacitypeterborough.com/vivacity-venues/citygallery

1st Ningbo International Photography Exhibition, Sep 16

1st Ningbo International Photography Week

Ningbo Art Center Of China Photographers Association
555 Lake Road, Dong Qian Lake, Ningbo, China, 

10 Sep - Oct 7, 2016
9.00am - 4-30pm


Bodyspace, Hangzhou Public Library, China, Apr 16


开幕式: 2016423号下午2 
423日至511 (从周二到周日 9:00 - 17:30)地点
杭州图书馆展览艺术中心, 负一层,解放东路58号市民中心J
策展人 Zhanna Khromykh
Exhibition and Art Space
Hangzhou Public Library
Underground floor No.58, East Jiefang Road, Hangzhou

April 23 to May 11, 2016 (Tuesday - Sunday 9:00 - 17:30) Opening: 14.00, April 23, 2016

Abel Pruñonosa, Alexandra Burova, Amy Magma, Anastasiya Guminskaya, Andelei安德雷, Azim Hassan阿斯姆, Cãlin Andrei, Cindy Bajema, Dushan 杜山, E. Kuasi 夸思, Gareth Bunting, Hwang Q-one 황규원, Isamu Marsden, James Johnson-Perkins, Juan Lin 林彦豪, José Ventura 卓山, Léa Pagès, Rodolphe Toucas, Summaiya Khan, 远鹏, Wieslaw Borkowski

Curator: Zhanna Kromykh

To be a body, is to be tied to a certain world...; our body is not primarily in space: it is of it

M. Merleau-Ponty

We all conceive these three dimensions around us through our own body. What is this vessel we inhabit? We are linked to it through the materiality of our flesh and bones, and through our existential perceptual understanding. But why are we here and what are our bodies for? This has perplexed and fascinated philosophers from the dawn of civilization and is rich source material for Eastern and Western thinkers.

We exist in different kinds of space and these areas are activated when something appears in them. If we draw a small black point on a piece of paper, at the same moment the comparison between “body of a point” and “space of a paper” reveals itself. But what happens if we add to a body the characteristics of space and begin to conceptualize and explore the space that our physiques occupy? Through art, the body becomes a space for experiments and action.

Artists are creating a new definition of what the body is, creating new identities and new forms of body representation. Artists in this exhibition explore these notions and express aspects of their rich cultural identities. Through their works they also trace multiple sensations they experience living in their own unique bodies and spaces.

Exhibition 23rd Jul...

Dina Johnson-Perkins
Sigurdur Gudmundsson

Please Wait Whilst…Monkey Magic Sings Chinese Covers of Pop 80’s classics in Times Square...CEAC, Xiamen, China, Jul 15

Please wait whilst…Monkey Magic Sings Chinese Covers of Pop 80’s classics in Times Square.. " James Johnson-Perkins 
Chinese European Art Center
23rd July - 28th July 2015
The PV will be Thursday at 17:00 July 23, 2015.
We would be pleased if you and your friends could come to the opening of the exhibition.

At once this Monkey learned to climb and run around Times Square; but its first act was to make a bow towards each of the four quarters, whilst singing ‘Beat it’ by Michael Jackson in Mandarin. As it did so, a steely light darted from this Monkey's eyes and flashed as far as the Palace of the Polar Star in Folkestone. This shaft of light astonished the Xiamen Emperor as he sat in the Omani Cloud Palace of the Tyne Bridge, in the Treasure Hall of Holy Moscow, surrounded by his fairy Ministers. Seeing this strange light flashing, he ordered Monkey Madonna to open the gate of the Southern Heaven and ROCK OUT. At her bidding she went out to the gate, and picked up the sacred colourful telephone…she looked so sharply and listened to the Russian voice on the end of the line, "Please wait whilst…Monkey Magic Sings Covers of Pop Classics in Times Square….” Meanwhile, on the mountain the magic rock gave birth to an egg. This egg changed into a stone Monkey. This auspicious event inspired James Johnson-Perkins to create an exhibition at CEAC.
James Johnson-Perkins