Won The FullFibe Artspace Connections Prize, UK, Aug 2022

James is happy to annouce that he won the FullFibe Artspace Connections Prize. 

To celebrate a faster Cinderford, Artspace Cinderford teamed up with internet service provider Full Fibre Limited to run a stimulating online ART COMPETITION and EXHIBITION

With Cinderford on the cusp of benefiting from a brand-new gigabit-capable broadband network, Artspace, and the lightning-fast broadband provider looked for artwork created using any media that illustrates the importance of connection.

The new ultra-fast network builds on from a contract awarded to Full Fibre Ltd through Fastershire’s Community Grant Scheme to provide faster broadband to Cinderford premises hampered by painfully slow internet connections.



Oxmarket Contemporary Open, UK, Aug 22


Oxmarket Contemporary Open

Tuesday 2 August, 6-8pm PV

@oxmarketgallery on Instagram

 #oxmarketcontemporary and #oxmarketopen2022

Oxmarket Contemporary, St Andrew’s Court, Chichester, West Sussex, UK, PO19 1YH


Experimental Film & Video 2022, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA), Gyeonggi-do, Korea June 22th - Jul 24th, 2022


CICA Museum

June 22 – July 24, 2022

2022.04.27 – 2022.05.15

Featured Artists 참여작가: Marte Aas, AN SOH (안소현), Eve Barden, Anibal Catalan, Enzo Cillo, Celia Eid, Lejin Fan, Paola Fernanda Guzmán Figueroa, Ciana Fitzgerald, Ali Georgescu, Marianne Hoffmeister, Young Hyun Jeon (전영현), James Johnson-Perkins, Sofia Rudi Kent,  Eun Gyeong Kim (김은경), Kim tae hee (김태희), Zach Koch, Sivaroj Kongsakul, Kiki Kouniari, Olivia Faye Lathuilliere, Leticia Laxon, Sarah Legow, Sarah Ellen Lundy, Carol Anne McGowan, Leah Netsky, Areumbit Park (박아름빛), Park, In Ok (박인옥), Maria Pleshkova, Erica Schreiner, David Smith, Madeline Rile Smith, Annie Strader/Matthew Weedman, Jayne Struble, Claudia Ungersbäck, Luisa Vidales Reina, Vanja Vukovic, Sam Welch & Alex Popa, Filip Wierzbicki-Nowak, Chansong Woo (우찬송), Liqing Xu,  Yoo Inseon (유인선), Māra Zoltners.



1st International Contemporary Material Art Biennale, Tsinghua University, Beijing/Haitian Sky Art Center, Qingdao, China Jun 20th - Sep 20th, 2022




1st International Contemporary Material Art Biennale

Opening from June 20, 2022


Rotterdam Photo Fair, PLANET HUMAN X THE HUMAN BLUEPRINT, May 2022


18 – 22 May, 2022

Buy your tickets here.

More information about the date, time and location? Take a look at our Visit page here.

The edition 2022 is unique for the Rotterdam Photo. Due to several postponements and cancellations caused by  COVID-19 spread, for the first time, the festival has two themes at the same time – PLANET HUMAN X THE HUMAN BLUEPRINT. 

Under the umbrella of these two themes, more than 100 photographers from all over the globe will show their projects this May. All photographers from Rotterdam Photo 2021 edition ( PLANET HUMAN theme) and photographers from Rotterdam Photo 2022 edition (THE HUMAN BLUEPRINT theme) will become part of the new Rotterdam Photo 2022 XL edition.

To see my THE GREAT BATTLE, GIGATAGE work in Rotterdam from 18th May, please click on the link and find it on the map

Limitless, Florence Contemporary Gallery, Italy, Dec 2021


Group Show 

December 20, 2021

Selected artists: Matthias Lück, Michael J. Lindow, Christian Door, Zoie Lam, Andrea Ehret, Artmoods TP, Carolina Ramos, Marilena Ramadori “Zizza”, Francesco De Lorenzo, Marta Nyrkova, Dan Obana, Salome Kobulashvili, Meri Aisala, René Siepmann, Maja Puda, Jasmine Liaw, Laura Dimitrova, Eri Kato, Snezhina Biserova, Paul-Yves Poumay, Ivana Dukic, Jack Savage, Martinu Schneegass, Marine Kearney, Var Sahakyan / Vartist, Sofya Danilova, Mandelbroz, Christian Door, Nero Cosmos, Natalie Sobo, Ayuko Dan, Alexandra Ghimisi, Bianca Paraschiv, Ryo Kajitani, Victor Hernandez, Yin Lu, Max Wolf, Nino Memanishvili, Maria Di Gaetano, Emily Zou, Flavie Guerrand, James Johnson-Perkins, Raquel Gandra, Ambra Scali, Anna Hrbacova, Pantelis Nicolaou, Steve Jensen, Ulyana Korol, Yvonne Welman, Milica Lilić, Ethan Samaha, 
Alma Bibolotti.

Air Land 4.0 Nature, Technology Exhibition, Energy, Barge, Italy, Dec 21-Feb 22

Air Land 4.0
Nature, Technology, Energy
Organized by Associazione Quasi Quadro

The fourth edition of the international contemporary art competition Air Land 4.0 | Nature, Technology; Energy organized by the Quasi Quadro association reaches the final event at the Ex Officina Ferroviaria di Barge (CN), where the presentation and exhibition of the finalist and winning artists of the 2021 edition will be held.

The announcement saw the participation of numerous candidates from all over the world and after the success of the previous editions, once again the Quasi Quadro association is pleased to present the winning artists.

The collective exhibition sees the works of the finalist artists as protagonists:

Sabino de Nichilo, Marco Fiume, Claudia Fuggetti, Samantha Heydt, The skillful Theater, Alisa Marchenko, Lucia Marchesin, Alexandra Marinova, Samantha Passaniti, James Johnson-Perkins, Giorgio Saved, Alessandro Scaglione.

During the event will be present Yas Crawford , artist and photographer from the United Kingdom, winner of the Solo Show award, who will inaugurate his first exhibition in Italy “ CELLULAR FLOW, I've been thinking ”. The artist's images depict a haunting journey of chronic disease, whose complexity, beauty and uncontrollable flow are delicately combined in an otherworldly biological space.

At the same time, the work " Torre Littoria w / Barge Field: Potensne me audire " will be exhibited for the first time , a multidisciplinary work that combines painting and sound by Canadian artist Christopher Webb, winner of the Residence Award, created during his stay in the city di Barge in collaboration with the “Giulio Roberti Barge Music School”.

The event is organized thanks to the patronage of the Municipality of Barge and is part of the VOLVER project, supported by the CRC and ITT Foundation.

Opening Saturday, December 11 h.18: 00
11/12/21 - 02/25/22
Former workshops Railway Barge
Street Assarti, 12032 Barge CN
for needs related to measures an Covid-19 is required for your reservation by SMS / Whatsapp to the number 347-6391091



The Aerogramme Center for Arts and Culture, Mobile Library Magazine, Vol.2 Issue. 1, New York, USA, Nov 21


Exhibition, One out of many, Digital Art Observatory, 16th Nov 21

A Digital Exhibition by

The Digital Art Observatory
16th November -

Featuring my new Virtual Gallery - Lost and Found Services
The Digital Art Observatory (DAO) Residency began at the end of summer 2021. Artists were paired up, each team counting one artist based in Ukraine and another based in the United Kingdom. The residency’s mission was twofold: to look at the practical as well as the conceptual problems and possibilities of a cross-cultural creative digital collaboration.
Each two artists set out to explore what it is like to carry out an artistic project via two screens situated on the farthest ends of what may, or indeed may not, be considered culturally and continentally Europe. As they started to work with their hands and minds, the mission of the residency resurfaced, and the artists confronted two hurdles:
1. How will we communicate? What tangible tools and mediums will we use? What software? What messaging apps? What online drives and what platforms?
2. What will we communicate? What ideas and feelings will we attempt to conceptualize, first to each other, and then to an audience?
These two points stood at the heart of DAO. It’s possible to say that the first is answered by the Whitepaper, and the second by the exhibition One Out of Many - the former offering practical guidance for online artistic collaboration, the latter displaying the products of this collaboration. However, it may also be argued that these matters were answered in tandem with each other, the practical and the conceptual always inextricably linked.
The very basic question underlying this all is: what do geographical location and cultural context mean, the moment that these things enter a digital arena? Did it matter that the creators of the works you are about to see found themselves in different worlds? What happens to the specific cultural context that something is from, when it is placed amongst the multitudes of decontextualized fragments of visuals, narratives, identities and data of a much larger whole - the internet?
May the things displayed in this exhibition show one out of many ways of negotiating being one out of many stories, and the ways in which the modern world is making us increasingly aware that we are but one - out of many.
Nina Lisson

A virtual space for special things that have been lost in time. As custodians of this space we will offer the chance to view and retrieve these precious items, such as: the fabulous ‘Portrait of a Young Man’ by Raphael, Mondrian’s mythical Solitary ‘Sculpture’, the legendary Japanese swordsmith Goro Nyudoo Masamune’s ‘Katana’, A section of Leonardo da Vinci’s fabled ‘The Battle of Anghiari’ and the Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven’s illustrious ‘God’ readymade. Lost and Found Services also offer the chance to retrieve personal items like memories and keys, and long-lost treasures that you thought you would never see again.

Al-Tiba9 Art Magazine Interview, Oct 21

Al-Tiba9 Art Magazine Interview, Oct 14th 2021 
Al-Tiba9 Art Magazine is an independent artist-run international publication that showcases experimental and progressive contemporary art, featuring artists with a primary focus on contemporary visual art reflecting modern society and its environment, provoking conversation and action; fostering innovation and diversity of mediums which make today’s art scene so intriguing.

Update: Winner People's Choice Award, The Bath Open Art Prize, 2021, Bath, Uk, Oct 21


The Bath Open Art Prize 2021 

44AD Artspace

20th - 31 October 2021
Selected by Jill Sutherland and Bridget Sterling
James is happy to annouce that he won the People's Choice Award  

Update: Winner President's Award, Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize.2021

James is happy to annouce that he won the Mediterranean Contemporary Art Prize, President's Award.

CHANGE, Modern *8 Pier, Mykolaiv, Ukraine, 2nd - 17th Oct 21

Mykolaiv ART Week

CHANGE, Modern *8 Pier, Mykolaiv, Ukraine      

 2nd - 17th Oct 2021

This exhibition features 54 artists - 27 International Arists and 27 participants from Ukraine. LINK

International Forum of Performance Art, Drama, Greece 9th - 11th Sep 21

The International Forum of Performance Art (International Forum of Performance Art) is a three-day event dedicated exclusively to the performing arts (performance art) and takes place every September, from 2019, in Drama.

The International Performance Art Meeting is the only international event for performance art in Greece. During the three days, artists, academics and art students are hosted, in the form of artistic hospitality - residency, who remain in the meeting throughout the event, contributing to a fruitful exchange of views and experiences.

The IFPA program consists of academic lectures, training workshops, videos and live performances, while the structure of the program is based on the smooth introduction of the public to performance art, from speeches to performance monitoring.

Based on both the promotion of performance art and the history of the city of Drama, the venue of the event changes every year. For the first year, the warehouse of the Drama Railway Station was chosen as the venue. The Station is one of the most historic and neglected railway stations in Northern Greece, with a remarkable history which was the trigger for the performances created by the guest artists.

For IFPA, AMKE Emphasis collaborates with the documentary arts research laboratory, Alma Kalma and with the full support of the Municipality of Drama, the Drama Short Film Festival and the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


Ars Electronica .ART Gallery x VR-All-Ar, Linz, Austria 8th – 23rd Sep 21


The Festival for Art, Technology and Society presents numerous exhibitions, conferences, concerts, performances and tours in Linz, Austria, from September 8-12, 2021. The locations range from the city center to the Ars Electronica Center to “Kepler’s Gardens” on the campus of Johannes Kepler University.

Ars Electronica’s philosophy has remained the same over the years. Our activities are always guided by the question of what new technologies mean for our lives. Together with artists, scientists, developers, designers, entrepreneurs and activists, we shed light on current developments in our digital society and speculate about their manifestations in the future. We never ask what technology can or will be able to do, but always what it should do for us. And we don’t try to adapt to technology, but we want the development of technology to be oriented towards us. Therefore, our artistic research always focuses on ourselves, our needs, our desires, our feelings.

For Ars Electronica 2021, .ART takes the opportunity to pull closer and inspect the vast and seemingly immovable architectures behind the landscapes we surround ourselves with. Building upon the overarching theme of the A New Digital Deal.


Boundaries, Berlin, Sep-Nov 21




James Johnson-Perkins, Bruno Pavic, Jun-Yuan Hong

Bekarei, Video Art Space 

Wrangelstraße 44



Berlin Berlin

September 4 - November 5

Opening September 4th 6-9pm 

Inspired by the 90’s Berlin art scene, Video Art Space is born. Art was all over the city and out of the established circuit, from video projections to many different kinds of art interventions. With this in mind, a new space like this for artists has been made to show artist work, for creative dialogue and reflection.

Here videos are projected on one of the central windows of the cafe’s facades, between the cafe and the public space. These will run everyday from 20 p.m. to 00 am.

Four Films in Reverse, 2020

In this Videostalgia work 4 Films in Reverse Boundaries have a critical role in its development and take on the distribution of the cultural elements. In The Location of Culture, Homi Bhabha draws attention to interstitial spaces, where, frames and borders ‘in-between’ become ‘innovative sites of collaboration and contestation in the act of defining the idea of society itself’. In sympathy to this notion, this work explores art historical perspectives critically and creatively, exploring boundaries and their meaning, including: Religious, political, phycological and physical divides. This relates both to the artist's own creative internal spaces as well as toward a globalized society at large. 





Shortlisted for the Primary Review

Passepartout Photo Prize

aims supports the development of talented photographers from all over the world by providing monetary awards every year, publication and exhibition opportunities in a prestigious venue in the heart of Rome, Italy.



Exhibition of the Finalists 

16th - 26th September 

Castello di Monteserico 

The Mediterranean contemporary art prize is the biennial prize conceived by the Porta Coeli Foundation to produce systematic and substantial solicitations in contemporary art, promoting the development of an environment that encourages the creation of relations with those many specificities of territories and society that characterise Italy. In order to produce frictions, encounters and exchanges of collective and mutual interest, the Foundation creates the conditions for the connection of an international artistic community with instances and roots of geographical, cultural and anthropological contexts of high value and certain peculiarities. 

 Common ground the theme the “common ground” is that metaphorical place where divergences meet, where the dialogue and the negotiation of commonality sought. It is a place where entities that recognise themselves as different find the possibility of exchange, of a consensual encounter. This common place is not devoid of conflict, roughness and compromise, but also focused on a shared sense of the humanity that is nourished by the celebration of moments of cultural conviviality: this is the true meaning of the event. Common ground is also a symbolic formula in subtle antinomy with the fluid nature of the sea to which it refers: an allusion to the unstable and controversial form of the relational dimension, whose vitality and contrasts have always been the subject of art investigations. 

The Castle of Monteserico rises not far from the battlefield where the Normans and Byzantines clashed, the focal point of a great parable that from Robert Guiscard (buried in nearby Venosa, Potenza, near his magnificent Incompiuta, his unfinished temple) led to the conquest of Sicily and the creation of artistic languages that linked Byzantine mosaic art, Norman military strength, Romanesque sense of the sacred and Arab architectural technology and styles (ogival arches, muqarnas, wind towers, etc.): a sampling of forms and proto-engineering methods that were fundamental for the art of the whole of Europe over the next three or four centuries. https://www.mcartprize.org/en/



Update: Runner Up, The Alpine Fellowship Visual Art Prize, Jul 21

James is happy to annouce that he won the Runner Up Prize: The Alpine Fellowship Competition, Visual Art's Catagory, Jul 21


The Alpine Fellowship is an international foundation that supports, commissions and showcases artists, writers, academics and playwrights at all stages of their careers. They are committed to discovering emerging talent, to disseminating new ideas and to sharing thoughts about art, literature and philosophy. All of thier work is built around an annual symposium - a gathering of artists, philosophers, writers and academics at which to encourage like-minded individuals to share expertise and knowledge with those from a diverse array of creative and intellectual professions.

International Performance Art Festival Buenos Aires, AUSTRAL, 23-27 Jun 21



The second edition of the International Performance Art Festival Buenos Aires, AUSTRAL, invites the general public to its 2021 program aptly called “AUSTRAL desde lo VIRTUAL” (AUSTRAL from the virtual realm) to take place online from June 23rd to 27th through Zoom platform. 

Registration Link:



After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Like many other festivals around the globe, AUSTRAL didn’t take place in 2020 due to the pandemic. However the use of new technologies and present day capabilities of live video stream have made possible the creation of an online program to continue with the exploration and experimentation of Performance Art by local, national and international practitioners. The festival’s program will feature 45 artists from various countries presenting live and video performances (Wednesday 23 to Sunday 27, 6 pm), as well as Workshops (Saturday 26, 2 pm), a Panel Discussion (Saturday 26, 4 pm) and a Forum (Sunday 27th, 4 pm) the closing day of the festival (Sunday 27th, 6 pm).

AUSTRAL was created and is under the curatorial direction of Hector Canonge in collaboration with ARTerial Performance Lab (APLAB), the transcontinental network of performance artists of the Americas, and presented in collaboration with the hosting institutions: Centro Cultural Paco Urondo -FILO:UBA, UMBRAL Espacio de Arte, and Zona Imaginaria





KEYNOTE SPEAKER: ICTEL, Seoul, South Korea, May 20.


Education and Creative Practice in different Cultural Regions  

James Johnson-Perkins has the great honor of being invited to be the KEYNOTE SPEAKER at the International Conference on Teaching, Education and Learning, Seoul, South Korea, 19th-20th May 2020.

Paper, International Conference on Teaching, Education and Learning, Bali, Indonesia, Dec 19

An account of: Teaching, Learning and Management at Nottingham University, Ningbo, China TERA (Teaching Education and Research Association), Bali, Indonesia, 18th-19th December 2019

This paper explores aspects of: Teaching, Learning and Management at one of the leading Sino-Foreign Universities, The University of Nottingham, Ningbo, which relate to an Art and Design Tutor, and Academic Lead for History and Social Sciences within The Centre for English Language Education Department, from 2014-19. It focuses on: Design and planning of learning activities, teaching support of learners, assessment and feedback, the development of effective learning environments (and approaches to student support and guidance) and continuing professional development relating to research and scholarship. It will also look at two case studies pertaining to leadership and coaching

The Emily Harvey Foundation Residency, Aug 2020

James Johnson-Perkins was selected to be an Artist in Residence at The Emily Harvey Foundation, Venice, Italy, 2020. This will be his 4th Residency with the EHF.

EHF Link


James Johnson-Perkins was made a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy by demonstrating a sustained record of effectiveness in relation to teaching and learning, organisation, leadership and management at Nottingham University, Ningbo, China.

AdvanceHE LINK

NWCDTP Research Programme at the British School at Rome, Nov 2019

James Johnson-Perkins has been selected to take part on a Residential Research Programme at the British School at Rome in November 2019

Organsed by the North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership (NWCDTP) 

The BSR is situated in the Valle Giulia on the site of the 1911 British Pavilion. The Pavilion was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and then adapted by him to become the home of the British School at Rome.

The BSR is one of the most prestigious research academies in Rome. For over 100 years world-class researchers of the art, history and culture of the western Mediterranean and the best contemporary artists in the Commonwealth have been nurtured here. The BSR sees itself as the bridge between the intellectual and cultural heart of Rome and Italy, and creative and academic researchers from Britain and the Commonwealth.